Q&A – neelmagic EN

clanlogoshadow62There we go again. Another Q&A … today with neelmagic. Thank you very much neelmagic for your time and cooperation.


What is your nickname and from which clan are you?

Ingame my name is „neelmagic“ commander of the clan „S.6“

(neelmagic disbanded his clan so no S.6 anymore)


How old are you and from which country you are?

I am 19 years old and I am from India.


Hmm… Quite far from here 🙂 Hot out there, right? As we spoke last time, it was 40°C there.

Well at the moment I am living in UK so don’t know much about Indian summer in this year.


Can you tell me something about your gaming history?

First of all I am not a gamer. GRO is the only game by far I am playing the most. I specially bought a laptop to play this game. Before GRO, my only game was „GTA:San Andreas“. I have never played any other type of games.


Only GTA? It’s hard to believe, seems that you are a natural born killer. 🙂 How do you do that?

I like this game very much…was noob in the starting…still a NOOB but I have improved my gameplay over the months. Playing this game from like almost up to 1 year then it’s obvious that I will play good like others.


Can you tell me about your actual hardware – CPU, GPU, RAM, gaming peripherals (Headset, keyboard, mouse).

(1)CPU – i7 2.10 GHz

(2)GPU – AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 M Series

(3)RAM – 4.00 GB

(4)Mouse – Logitech

(5)Headset – Fatality


Nice. What about GRO? Any FPS drops or freezing?

I am not having FPS drops in this game nor freezing. I have really a good gaming laptop.


For how long you´ve been playing GRO?

I am a closed beta player. So it’s been 16 months I think.


Seems to be average joining time – the Open BETA.

I played last 2 months of closed beta and then started playing in Open Beta from day 1.


 What do you like about GRO?

Graphics, cover system, in-game friends, good community and maybe more…


Graphics? Have you ever played Crysis 3? I´m not saying that it has bad graphics but it’s not top IMHO.

As I already said I have only played GTA:San Andreas and some other 2-3 old games. GTA:SAN was released in 2003 and then this game released in 2010(don’t know the exact date),I started playing this game in 2011 so I jumped from the game of 2003 to 2011.8 years……The story is that my brother has a better laptop and I had a crappy one so couldn’t play new games and even I really liked GTA SAN. So I don’t have problem with my laptop. One day my brother downloaded this game when it was closed beta. He told me that he is playing this game when I saw the graphics I was like „where am I?“I just could not resist, and finally bought a better laptop for myself.


What don´t you like/hate about GRO?

Grenades spamming, holdout maps, alien players, unbalanced prices…..


Alien players? Wdym by that?

ha ha yes ALIEN PLAYERS…I’m referring to those who don’t know this game properly. Mostly the non-English speaker players, they play worst and do not listen to you, talking in their language which we don’t understand. The fact is that 95% players do not know how to play this game at a competitive level AND other 5% are in good clans, so competition just ends there. I think GRO team should focus more on public matches rather than clan matches at this time. Clan matches will always be competitive but not public matches. Some say that  „we are here to enjoy the game“ but on the other hand they are just dying. lolololol.


Your favorite class, weapon and device?

I don’t play only 1 class, I always focus on all classes, playing them randomly in every match. So all classes are my favourites.


So you are kinda „universal soldier“, that’s nice. But you do prefer one class more than the others or at least like it a bit more, no? Tell me 🙂

Then I can say Assault class. The easiest class of all 3 classes.140 HP,42 damage guns, healthy class. Specialist a fatty guy and recon is quite a girl u can say…I am just saying by their looks….


What style of playing do you prefer?

I am strategic player. Focusing more on covers. AND „COVER DOES NOT MEAN CAMP“.


„COVER DOES NOT MEAN CAMP“ <- Could you please explain it? Just think that I’m newbie and don´t know what it is

Most of the players think that being in cover is camping, well it’s not, this game has a great cover system, then everybody will use it. You can’t say anybody a camper until u don’t know the reason of him being in a cover. The reasons could be: waiting for the team to come, using a long range weapon, waiting for 1 of your clan mate to come, waiting for the ORACLE.


What do you think about how UBI treats the GRO community?

They treat us well in many ways. Firstly by giving us an amazing Free To Play game .But they are not concentrating on what community wants. They should stop selling LE guns. There are too many Limited Edition guns by now and these guns make the game unfair for good players…Especially for me.


So you consider yourself a good player? And what exactly you don´t like on LE weapons?

(1)Yes I am calling myself a good player bcaz: I am an old player who knows many tactics in this game, being helpful in community (available all the time).

(2)Extra damage on LE weapons is the thing I don’t like the most, well it’s obvious that to make the gun OP, increase the damage and release it as LE gun. Even if they do not increase the damage they will increase the accuracy or control, so overall any change will make these LE guns OP. We want to see the solutions of the problems rather than selling these LE guns all the time.


 What would you do better than them?

Providing tactics to the community because I want to see more competitive players. Watching my stream might help them.


You mean like tell to people how to play? And don´t you think that everybody should find their own tactics how to play this game?

As I already said they should watch my stream. I am not saying that they don’t know how to play but how to be a competitive player is the thing I want to see. Why same clans are dominating all the time from day 1? Simple: nobody wants to make a new clan and even if the make it they will join a good clan and leave their own clan, so competition just ends there .Players should find their own tactics but I haven’t seen such a player in this game who has the best tactics. On the other hand the most importantly, the thing I am watching over the months is „FEAR“. To know the best tactics; you have to be against or with good players. If they r with good players then they will stay but when they r against good players they will LEAVE. So instead of thinking how to kill that good player/players, they just leave because they fear them.

What about cheating? Can you tell me something about it? Because I’m pretty sure that a lot of players call you a cheater/hacker.

Yes they called me cheater almost every day…I don’t care though bcaz most of times I am streaming and making them more angry is quite a fun.


Well what else can you do right? Maybe turn off the cheats…Just kidding… Anyway, you´re streaming your gameplay…do you think that it’s enough? I mean is it a good enough proof?

Yes, perfectly enough…I always switch between the game and other application like my broadcasting software and browser. So they know what I am actually doing on my stream. I am not using dual monitors at all .I only have a laptop.


Do you think that UBI is doing enough to prevent cheating?

Yes they are doing their best to stop the hacking/cheating but I still believe that there is no recoil cheat which comes in some mice. I don’t know how they will prevent it.


Agree with you…The internet is full of very nice videos with these cheats. Any personal experience with cheating?

I have seen some hacks like blitz and slide hacks no more than that. But how to know if somebody is using no recoil cheat. That’s out of bounds. That’s UBISOFT work and their responsibility.

By far I have only spent a very small amount of money in this game. Mostly GRO team promotes these LE guns and players buy them with real money. I don’t have problem with the LE guns all the time but these guns‘ damage affect the whole gameplay-players, they always put an increased damage in LE guns so it is always easy to kill others, their price in GC is always too high which is not good. RP prices should be lower also. Well too many things to say…So I just stop here rather than typing an essay.


Previously you said „these guns make this game unfair for good players“ so why did you buy LE guns? Does it mean that you take it as an advantage against the good players?

I never bought LE guns…I bought a boost with real money that’s it. I own all things: guns and stuffs by my playing hours. I got some LE guns from bronze mystery boxes and UBISOFT gave me Assault DPM bundle for gun review video. What I can suggest to GRO team is put these all LE guns permanently in store with 60K RP price and 2500 GC price. I think in next patch they will put them permanently but prices should be cheaper of these LE guns as I have suggested.


Do you have any goals which you would like to reach in GRO?

Well no goals at all. Just giving the feedback is what I do to make this game better.


How did you make this game better? Can you give me some specific example?

I give suggestions on forums and ask other community players to agree or not, and some feedbacks. I think UBISOFT has agreed on some of my previous suggestions…well I don’t know that was it my suggestions or same idea that came in DEVs mind? Overall they implemented it


Do you want to say something to the community?

We have an amazing community So what I can say is „Whether you are agree on my suggestions or not, you are doing a good job for this game all the time”. And I hope GRO team starts listening to us.


Also hope 🙂 but you never know!

haha yes we never know what’s going to happen

Q&A – [FcT] Clockers EN

7593224_mediumLong time promised interview with Clockers. I was quite busy so sorry for the delay. I just wanted to say that English is not our native language so please be so kind and respect it, deal with it. Nobody is perfect, neither you.


I really want to thank to Clockers for his time with this interview. Hope that he enjoyed it as I did and hope that you, readers, will also enjoy it!

@UBI – I really hope that you will read these Q&As cause you might find some very important stuff!


What is your nickname and from which clan you are? 

My nickname is Clockers and my Clan is Fear Comes Trues tag (FcT)

How old are you and from which country you are? 

I have 42 years and I come from France.

Cool… And how do you handle those „kiddos“ in the game? Are they getting on your nerves?  

Regarding the kids who play GRO it does not bother me because everything is relative … GRO is a game we’re here to have fun nothing else.

And In game i dont chat NEVER I’m just playing for chat go to Skype,Irc, msn etc … 😉

Can you tell me something about your gaming history?

I started by the counter-strike beta 1 and I is played there for nearly 18 years, including 7 years in Esport high level through CS 1.5, Source, CS: GO etc … Meanwhile I tried other games like Quake, COD, MoH etc …
Clarification, for the war games I always Sniper where my favorite class!

Then I discovered GRO on a video that immediately caught my attention because games futuristic and in line with other games that I played …

No doubts that that you are very experienced player. And what was your favorite game in general? Have you ever tried the original Tom Clancy´s Ghost Recon?

My favorite game is Counter-Strike 1.6;) at least on PC

But I’m very game console and everything about fighting games: Soulcalibur or football Fifa and other …

And yes I have played a Ghost Recon Soldier, but it is not the same thing as GRO

Can you tell me about your actual hardware – CPU, GPU, RAM, gaming peripherals (Headset,keyboard,mouse).

I have a computer of war : Intel i7 Extreme Edition 3.30 Ghz – MSI Big Bang Xpower2 – 16 Go DDR3 – Headset: ROCCAT – Keyboard: Microsoft Natural ergonomic Keyboard – Mouse: Cyborg RAT and G5 Logitec.
That´s a hell of a PC. And what about GPU? I guess like 2x 580GTX? Are you experiencing any FPS drops?  

I actually forgot to mention that I had two Gigabyte HD7970 OC in SLI.

But it’s no use … I will not go into the technical details of how why.
So I’m back to one card that was enough.

All games passsent very fluid and no problem of latency or other

For how long you´ve been playing GRO? 

I play since beta 1 without interruption.   For over two years now. 

So basically you are here from the beginning. How the game changed since the closed beta? I saw some video where the game loaded like 10x faster then nowadays.

It’s true I’m a little skeptical sometimes on the evolution of the game since beta 1.Back then the game worked fine but a lot of short game crash or even demarage. fluidity was very little lag or freeze see no lag.

The ability to create groups of 8 of the same clan or another .. now it’s down to 4.

There were a lot of bugs that have been resolved and others not. The possibility of all weapons until level 50 or 100 even if we never reach because UBI has blocked 30 currently.

But at least we put water in his mouth: p

And plenty of other things to say and write but it would take too long! Another major thing, the arrival of the Anti-cheating because there was not before.

 What do you like about GRO?

The gameplay ! I like all FPS … i played a long time games like CS, DOD etc.

As I can see you are tactical player. Is there something very specific what you like in GRO?

Yes a lot of things:

-Arrange Finchs

-The lag-

-perfect balancing Arms

-the return of the group of 8 or 6 FT

-it unlock level 30 are 50/100

-fix bug and glitch maps

-price-GC and RP cheaper

-maps and more attractive

This is a dream: p

What you don´t like/hate about GRO?

I love the gameplay and play with my friends and my clan. I hate cheaters and haters.

Can you be more specific?

I like the game is on, but I’m more disappointed in addition to the final two years ago had very little real change.

We did not follow up for a lot of rapidly changing the game so that it fits into the context of eSports. UBI but does not seem to see eye to eye.

This goes to a pay2win. You want a pack you pay GC if you’re going to have for two years in PR, not to mention collector pack or you are forced to pay GC .. all for a weapon with a +1 or -1 .. great!

Your favorite class, weapon and device?

I exclusively play Recon my weapons are P90 and M200 SD but also SVD with occasionally. I have been lvl10 with all these weapons for several months. but I am lvl30 with all my class (Spec, assault).

Any special weapons I mean some legendary weapons?

A good recognition must be complete: as strong as a sniper rifle in pistoller gunner.
Most of the players are not in the GRO.

They play PM only and are good or Riffle Only and are good .. 2 very little is what makes the difference between good and bad players ls.

Beginners class of RECON play cloak + Riffle (M200 or SVD) big noob: D

They faudraient comprenent that the RECON what is it?

Cloak + PM

Riffle + Oracle it would be good because GRO is a team game and individuality not on this type of game
The best weapons in the game are:

Recon: SVD AE + P90War + M200 SD + P90AC + AK200 (if more stability)

Assault: F2000 HLW + AR21 SV + NS2000 SP + KPSC + ACR TAN

SPE: MG36 HLW + 6 p41 TAN + MG36 KV AC or DPM + Model10a SV PN
Anyway this is my opinion and shared share many …

E in my case I only use the M200 and P90War

But if in game too SVD I go AE: p

What style of playing you preffer? 

I am rather a sniper which rush in FFA is with P90 or M200. But as a Clan we have a strategy to respect this is not the same thing 😉

Well I remmeber that our clan played CW with FcT – we played, I mean we were running there like a chickens for 3 minutes and it was over 🙂 So I know pretty well how you can play. Do you always chose the same strategy?  

Not very often you change strategies and all depand the team that was in front. In addition we look up videos of CW GRO whatever the CLAN.

What do you think about how UBI treats the GRO community

More or less, but they tend to see their interests first and foremost. I Printed as the game becomes more and more Pay2win. although they believe it is free. many problems have arisen since the beta 1 and have not been resolved, this does not seem to be a priority for them!

Do you think that we can change it? I mean if we will scream and shout.  

I do not think ..

They have a strategy and Theky take it;) wait and see

What would you do better then them? 

I´ve listen to benefit veterans of the game, not coming this is the first point. We are familiar with the game, bugs there to fix or change. This is what we have back on the forums, but everything is still very slow in UBI. They focus more on the new arrivals as they do not hesitate to burnthe blue card as they say and buy GC. You just have to see the number of patch that came out with GC and RP prices very expensive. All forweapons with very little difference against the original.

Personally I have no problem I have 2  society’s  so I can afford . But I think the other students, children and those who are for fun and notpay every 2 weeks for the new packs .

He just have to be realistic free-to-play UBI are to pay for other games that are paying them as AC4 and other .. This gives them additional funds.

I have many other things to say but I would skip! 😉

I love this game, but I find it too closed.
Give us the opportunity to create our maps etc. .. Would be a good thing and a good start

Well maybe somebody from UBI will read this and then things might move on. Just tell me more, don´t skip anything ! 🙂

I do not believe …
Cheating… That´s an interesting topic. Can you tell me something about it? Because Im pretty sure that a lot of players called you a cheator/hacker. 

If we talk about cheaters they always will be whatever the game! it is difficult to detect. I think UBI work hard to counter. But for now they are few …. Phew!

But if they continue to give us the price level packs as much not having much money will begin to look for cheats .. evidence! In our case me and my clan, was always treated us cheaters, it surprises us even more! We will answer this interview by telling them that we are used to playing together for over two years for the most part and that Skype is our friend: p

Then they would be nice to stop crying either game or on the forums! And do not waste your time sending reports it would be pointless.

The skill can be worked …

Agree with you regarding the money and cheats. But tell me more sg about treating you as cheater. Who do you mean? Like other players? Or UBI? Just say whatever you want to say. There is no censorship 🙂 and no UBI control so go ahead.

I am not of a nature to spit on people’s backs;) If I have something to say I say it directly. But I have nothing to add.

Do you think that UBI is doing enough to prevent cheating?

They try but it is not won! Trying too hard to control we lose control! Some understand my words .. solutions are there but it should exploit, other games already use and anti-cheat community is ready to put their hands in the leg to help. But as I said earlier in the interview the game is a little too close.

Anyway cheaters will always exist regardless of the game, it will be difficult to eradicate the problem, it’s like a cat trying to bite his tail! : p

You find a solution in the morning and in the evening your solution more useless …

Have you ever meet any cheater in GRO? If yes, what cheat he used? Do you have anything to say to cheaters in GRO?   

Yes I have already cheaters with aimbot or speedhack a video was made and they were ban. What to say? pay you the skill and go your way! naab

How much money did you spend on GRO? If you did, if not, why? 

This is private … but I spent a lot. I saw that all weapons and packs for all class . This allows me to test and tell my clan if   interesting  or not. , as I said I canwell afford it saw my long professional

Is it more then 200 €? That´s very nice of you that you can provide such a help to your clan mates. Do they appreciated that?

Mystery! But yes it is above 200 euros.I think I am the only one to have started as a game for supposedly free.

Do you have any goals which you would like to reach in GRO?    

Like everything we seek and expect clan esports events on GRO is up to it! As well as the same level as the great clan our, hopefully in the near future our dreams come true but it is not won: p

Even participate in all tournaments for GRO Online or not as ESL, European League etc. .. and most of the tournaments in France or elsewhere.
Regarding the ESL – do you think that GRO has a chance to be regular league over there?

There is likely yes. It is the will of UBI.

But why should the price is already more attractive

with more regulation and especially maximum clan

and better organization;)


Q&A – [0TS] badoomboom CZ & EN

icon_newstcm2156841Jak jsem slíbil tak činím.  Máme tu první Q&A s [0TS] badoomboom.

As I promised there is first Q&A with [0TS] badoomboom.




1) Jaká je tvá přezdvíka za jaký klan hraješ?
What is your nickname and from which clan you are?

CZ – Jsem badoomboom a jsem Clanleader klanu [0TS] Zero Tolerance Squad.
EN – I´m badoomboom and I´m Clanleader of [0TS] Zero Tolerance Squad.

2) Kolik je ti let a odkud pocházíš?
How old are you and from which country you are?

CZ – Je mi 24 let a jsem z Polska
EN – I´m 24 years old and I´m from Poland.

3) Můžeš mi říci něco z tvé herní historie?
Can you tell me something about your gaming history?

CZ – Příležitostně jsem hrál Wolfenstein ET a America´s Army řadu let, ale nikdy jsem nebyl členem klanu, neučastnil se soutěží.
EN – I’ve played casually Wolfenstein ET and Americas Army for a couple years, but I’ve never been in any clan or competition

Takže žádný klan, žádná soutěž? Jakto?
So no clan, no competition? How come?

CZ – V té době mi bylo 9 nebo 10 let, takže jsem nevěděl, že něco jako online herní klany, turnaje existují.
EN – I was like 9 or 10 years old by then, so i didn’t know that sth like online games clans and tournaments exist.

4) Jaký máš aktuální hardware – CPU, GPU, RAM, herní periferie (Headset,klávesnici,myš).
Can you tell me about your actual hardware – CPU, GPU, RAM, gaming peripherals (Headset,keyboard,mouse).

CPU – i7 2600k 3,4Ghz, GPU – 2x Radeon HD 6850 1GB (although GRO doesn’t support Crossfire), RAM – 4×4 GB DDR3 Corsair Venegance, Keyboard – Razer BlackWidow 2013, Mouse – Razer Taipan on Razer Manticor (mouse pad), Headset – Creative Alpha Tactic 3d

To je pěkný kousek železa 🙂 Používáš macra na myši?
Nice piece of wood 🙂 Do you use macros on your mouse?

CZ – Ne nepoužívám. Věřím ve fair play, takže používání jakéhokoliv softwaru, který vede nebo ovlivňuje hru je pro mne neakceptovatelný.
EN – No I don’t. I believe in fair competition, so using any kind of software which directly or indirectly interfers with the game is unacceptable for me.

5) Jak dlouho hraješ GRO?
For how long you´ve been playing GRO?

CZ – Od Vánoc 2012
EN – Since Christmas Eve in 2012.

To jsi dotal klíč do bety jako vánoční dárek? Doufám, že ne, protože by to byl hloupý dárek.
Got the beta key as x-mas present? Hope not, cause that would be stupid gift.

CZ – To máš pravdu. Naštěstí již byla otevřená beta a po štědrovečerní večeři mi brácha GRO ukázal a hru jsem si zamiloval.
EN – You’re right, it would suck :D. Fortunately it was already open beta by then and after Christmas dinner my brother showed me this game and I loved it.

6) Co máš na GRO rád?
What do you like about GRO?

CZ – Velmi taktická, kooperativní TPS střílečka a velký potenciál pro další vývoj.
EN – Highly tactical, cooperational TPS shooter with a lot of potential for development.

To je pravda, ale nejsem se jistý tím budoucím vývojem. Co si o tom myslíš?
True but I´m not sure about the future development. What do you think?

CZ – Musíme brát v potaz, že se stále jedná o betu. Jsou tu nové mapy, přijdou nové módy, nový zbraňový systém, který nebude možná špatný. ESL se o tuto hru zajímá, takže snad je před námi světlá budoucnost.
EN – We have to remember that the game is still in beta. There are new maps, modes to come, new weapon system that may or may not suck. ESL is interested in this game, so I suspect there is a bright future ahead of us.

7) Co na GRO nemáš rád/nesnášíš?
What you don´t like/hate  about GRO?

CZ – Nade spamming, některé předimenzované zbraně, critical (inserts) systém, glitche, stávající RP systém, zbraňový tier systém (až ho UBI zavede)
EN – Nade spamming, overpoweredness of some weapons, crit (inserts) system, glitches, current RP system, weapons tier system (after UBI implements it).

Souhlasím se těmi zbraněmi, ale potřebují vydělat peníze ne?
Agree with the „fancy“ weapons, but they need to earn money, right? 

CZ – Samozřejmě, ale poslední dobou jsou strašně chamtivý. Dle mého názoru bylo lepší, když si nové zbraně mohli lidé koupit za GC dříve a lidé by je pořád kupovali. Místo toho šli cestou změny cen RP a GC pro všechny zbraně, device atd. 120k za P90 War? To jako vážně?
EN – Of course they do, but lately they became unbelievably greedy. IMO it was good enough to make new camouflage guns, available for GC early and people would still buy it. Instead they went for this RP and GC price changes for all weapons, devices etc. 120k for P90 War? Seriously?

8) Oblíbená classa, zbraň device?
Your favorite class, weapon and device?

CZ – Recon s p90 a Oracle (cloak je pro jelita)
EN – Recon with P90 and Oracle (cloak is for naaabz)

Tak proč hraješ s cloakem? Ne, dělám si srandu… Proč je tak trapné hrát s cloakem, když je to součást hry?
So why do you play with claok? Just kidding… Why is it so lame to play with cloak if it´s part of the game?

CZ – Po odehraných 900 hodinách za recona mám pouze 750 killů v cloaku, většinu z nich kvůli kvalifikaci, takže se opravdu snažím vyhnout používáni cloaku jak je to jen možné. Je o týmové hře a cloak je jediný device, který dokáže pomoci pouze když ho hráč používá. Na druhou stranu, oracle je mooooc dobrej. Legální wallhack pro celý tým dělá hru jednoduší a je nezbytný pro další postup.
EN -After 900 hours played on recon I have only 750 cloak kills, most of them were made for cloak qualifications, so I really try to avoid using it as much as possible. The game is about team play and cloak is the only device which is helpful only for the player using it. On the other side oracle is sooooo good. Legal wallhack for everyone on your team makes the game easy and is necessary for advancing.

9) Jaký styl hraní preferuješ?
What style of playing you preffer?

CZ – Obecně jsem rusher, ale také si rád zakempuju s M-200 na Markov Station nebo Balaklava Sub.
EN – Generally I’m a rusher, but I like to camp with M-200 on Markov Station or Balaklava Sub.

To všichni moc dobře víme. Neviděl jsem tě kempovat. Kdy to bylo?
We know that pretty well. Haven´t seen you camping. When was it?

CZ – To je špatná otázka, protože kempuju pokaždé když hraju tyto mapy ;p.
EN – That is a bad question because I camp every time I play these maps ;p.

10) Co si myslíš o tom, jak UBI zachází s GRO komunitou?
What do you think about how UBI treats the GRO community?

CZ – Ignorují komunitu a snaží se jen vydělat peníze.
EN – They’re ignoring the community and trying to make $

Takže model Pay2Play je špatný? To je jako platit za sex ne? Mimochodem, platil jsi někdy za sex?
So Pay2Play is a bad model? It´s like paying for sex, no? Btw, did you ever pay for sex?

CZ – Samozřejmě, že neplatil :D:D. Právě nyní hra není ani P2W ani P2P, ale rozhodně míří směrem k P2W.
EN – Ofc I didn’t :D:D. Right now game is not entirely P2W nor P2P. But its definitely taking huge leaps towards P2W

11) Co by si udělal lépe než oni?
What would you do better then them?

CZ – Udělal bych na fóru ankety o hlavních změnách ve hře.
EN – I’d make polls on forum about all major in-game changes.

To by je ale museli číst ne? Myslíš, že by to hře pomohlo?
Well, they would have to read it, right? Do you think It would help the game?

CZ – Pfff…jako by dělali něco důležitého. Projekt TOPOS byl moc dobrá začátek, hráči se zapojili do tvorba map, které chtějí hrát. UBI nyní musí udělat další krok vpřed a zahrnout nás do ostatních rozhodnutí.
EN – Pfff… like they’re doing sth important at the moment. Project TOPOS was a really good start, players got involved into creating maps they want to play on. Now Ubi needs to make another step forward and include us in other decisions.

12) Cheatová… Velmi zajímavé téma. Můžeš mi o tom něco říci? Protože jsem si jistý, že spousta hráčů tě cheatrem/hackerem nazvala
Cheating… That´s an interesting topic. Can you tell me something about it? Because Im pretty sure that a lot of players called you a cheater/hacker.

CZ – Patchem 0.11.0 odtranili možnost používání hacků, které byly použitelné (jenda z dobrých věcí co UBI udělal). Od té doby jsem neviděl nikoho kdo by používal jakýkoliv cheat, nicméně jsem slyšel zvěsti, že někteří používat no wall collision hack (pozn. procházení zdí). Jsem zvyklý na to, že mě nazývají hackerem, ale je mi to jedno. Mám odehráno přes 1000 hodin takže je poměrně jasné, že jsem lepší než průměrní hráči.
EN – In 0.11.0 all previously available hacking software was deactivated (one of the few good things Ubi did). Since then, I haven’t seen a single person using any kinds of cheats, although I heard of people using no wall collision hack. I’m used to people calling me a hacker and I just don’t care. I have more than 1k hours experience in playing GRO, so it’s pretty obvious than I’m better than average players.

Poměrně silná slova – lepší než průměrní hráči. Proč by si měl být lepší než oni?
That´s a big word – better than average players. What makes you better then them? 

CZ – Znalost map, pochopení hry, předvídání chování ostatních hráčů – za tím vším jsou zkušenosti. Čím déle to hraješ, tím jsi lepší.
EN – Knowledge of the maps, understanding of the game, anticipating other players actions – it all comes with experience. The longer you play, the better you get.

13) Myslíš, že dělá dost v rámci prevence cheatování?
Do you think that UBI is doing enough to prevent cheating?

CZ – Ano, patch 0.11.0 je všechny eliminoval.
EN – Yes, the patch 0.11 eliminated them all.

Viděl jsem nějaké nové hacky na scéně. Použil jsi někdy nějaký hack/cheat?
I´ve seen some new hacks on the scene. Have you ever used some hack/cheat?

CZ – Jak jsem řekl již předtím, nikdy nepoužiji žádné hacky, cheaty atd.
EN – As I’ve mentioned earlier I will never use any hacks, cheats etc.

14) Kolik peněz jsi utratil za GRO? Pokud jsi nějaké utratil, pokud ne, proč?
How much money did you spend on GRO? If you did, if not, why?

CZ – Koupil jsem si GC pouze jednou v životě na nákup SVD SV AE a F2000 HLW, když byla akce na legendární zbraně. Už to ale neudělám, nemám rád politiku UBI v tomto směru.
EN – I’ve bought GC once in my life to buy SVD SV AE and F2000 HLW during legendary weapons promotion. I won’t do it again since I don’t like UBI politics in that matter.

Jasně, slavná F2000 HLW. Ale ta je trochu přehnaná ne? Říkal jsi, že to nemáš rád, tak proč sis jí koupil?
I see, the famous F2000 HLW. But it´s a bit overpowered no? You said, that you don´t like it, so why did you buy it?

CZ – Dle mého P90 a F2000 nejsou jediné přehnané zbraně mezi 30 lvlem (to nemluvim o novém flinch systému, který dělá všechny SMG přehnané).  Nikdy jsem neřekl, že nemám rád F2000. Někdy potřebuji změni tempo tak odložím recona a hraji za assaulta nebo specialistu… ale ne častěji než jeden zápas za týden ;p
EN – IMO P90 and F2000 are the only not overpowered weapons among the 30 lvls at the moment (not counting that the new flinch system makes all SMG overpowered). I’ve never said that I don’t like f2000. Sometimes I need a little change of pace, so I put aside my recon and choose assault or spec… but not more often than 1 match a week ;p

15) Máš nějaké cíle, kterých by jsi chtěl v GRO dosáhnout?
Do you have any goals which you would like to reach in GRO?

CZ – V tuto chvíli jsme druhý nejlepší polský klan. Jednou bych rád porazil klan Skill Factory (sf~)
EN – At the moment we’re second best polish people only clan. One day I want to beat the hell out of Skill Factory (sf~).

O těch jsem neslyšel. Nějací nový hráči? Nesnášíš je?
Never heard of them. Some new bugs in the field? You hate them? 

CZ – Skill facotry (starý REVu klan) je nejlepší Polský klan a rozhodně je mezi TOP 5 v Evropě. Májí můj velký respekt pro to čeho dosáhli. Doufám, že jednoho dne budu tak dobrý jako oni.
EN – Skill factory (old REVu clan) is the best clan in Poland and definitely in TOP 5 clans in Europe. I have a great respect for these guys and for what they accomplished. I just hope that one day we can be as good as them.

16) Chtěl by si něco říci komunitě?
Do you want to say something to community?

CZ – Pamatujte, je to jenom hra.
EN – Remember, it’s only a game.

Tak to bylo první Q&A, další budou následovat. Pokud se Vám Q&A líbí, podělte se s námi o názor na fóru.

So that was the first Q&A, next will come soon. If you like it, share your opinion on our forum.
V závěru bych rád poděkoval hráči badoomboom za jeho čas! Díky!
I would like to thank to badoomboom for his time. Thx m8!

Q&A – Česky & English

clanlogoshadow62Dovolte mi představit Vám nový „produkt“ našeho webu. Jedná se o Q&A (otázky a odpovědi) z GRO scény. Budu zpovídat ta nejvěštší jména, které na EU scéně můžete vidět.
Jako první bude na mé všetečné otázky odpovídat [0TS] badoomboom – Clanleader ze Zero Tolerance Squad. Tímto bych mu chtěl poděkovat za jeho čas.


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Let me introduce a new „product“ of our website. Q&A (question and answers) from GRO scene. I will question the biggest names of EU scene. First one will be
[0TS] badoomboom – Clanleader of Zero Tolerance Squad. Which I would like to thank for his time.



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