patch 0.11.0 – detaily

0.11.0_thmbtcm2194401Již nám včera vyšel patch 0.11.0, který byl dlouho očekáván a komunita si od něj hodně slibovala. Změn je opravdu hodně a vypisovat je tady nebudeme, protože vše podstatné najdete v předchozím článku.

Níže uvádíme detaily patche v angličtině.





  1. New map Attica Heights – the latest Holdout map
  2. Beta map tests – get involved in GRO development; two in-development Conquest maps and one Holdout map
  3. Firing Range – test any weapon before you buy or while waiting for a match
  4. Field Testing – when you unlock weapons, you will receive a trial version in your inventory that lasts for 3 matches
  5. Improved peak-over cover – when peaking over cover you can now swing your view side to side, giving campers less safe places to hide underneath your location
  6. Major weapon tuning – sniper rifle rebalance, sway improvements, reticule return and ready time standardization, crit system tuning
  7. XP/RP Boost – now applied automatically on account level, refunding the hours lost during server maintenance and more (see below)
  8. Free inventory storage – free storage slots are awarded as your character levels up
  • Player will experience camera (and small reticule bloom) shake when changing stance, to eliminate the „sniper dance“ exploit (other classes were also exploiting it)
  • Added flinch clamp to prevent flinch burst under bad network conditions
  • XP/RP Game boosts no longer count down during game maintenance and many other improvements (see below)
  • Weapon proficiency nerf: Reduced minimum weapon crit rate to near zero, to eliminate crits when running ‚n gunning
  • Upper limb (arm and leg) damage set to 0.8x (lower limbs unchanged at 0.5x damage)
  • XP/RP reward in clan matches changed to 70% (used to be 35%)
  • Improved Blitz shield protection when deployed (harder to shoot the blitzer in the foot)
  • Improved Heat „pop shot window“: harder to get off „a free shot” in the first moments when under Heat
  • Added clear audio feedback for enemy recon’s cloaking sound. It will be different from your team’s cloaking sound
  • Blitz will now have a different audio feedback when it is activated by the enemy and when it is activated by your teammates
  • Easy resupply of consumables – expiry window pop-up when consumables are depleted; players may choose to immediately buy more without the hassle of going to the store to purchase
  • New items in shop:
    • Added value pack bundles suitable for each class and level range
    • Added Gold, Silver and Bronze mystery boxes
  • XP/RP boost is applied automatically on account level; no inventory management is required for this boost
  • Time durability of the same boost effect can be stacked. For example: Player buys two 7 day 50% XP/RP Boost, they stack to give 14 days durability
  • When the player has multiple boosts of different effect, the “stronger” boost item will be active and the “weaker” boost item will be deactivated. When a boost item is deactivated, its time durability is paused
  • Boost durability lost during server maintenance will be refunded
  • Boost information is displayed on the top right of your screen for easy access
  • Players can choose various durability options when purchasing XP/RP boost. For example: 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days
  • Improved boost display in match results screen
  • New expiry pop-up that allows players to easily resupply with new boosts
  • When you unlock weapons, you will receive a trial version in your inventory that lasts for a few matches
  • Trial weapons cannot be customized, except for special ammo slot
  • Players can choose to purchase the permanent version of the weapon when it expires
  • Free storage slots are awarded as your character level up
  • Players who already have leveled up characters will receive the free storage slots when they log in
  • 3 beta maps available for players to test and provide feedback via GRO forums
  • Beta maps can only be accessed via clan match
  • Maps are:
  1. Bazaar – Conquest
  2. City – Conquest
  3. Museum – Holdout
  • Players in a fireteam who are not queuing for AMM can now be invited to a clan match
  • Manual leaving from a clan match will not allow a player to hot join back into the clan match
  • The map can now be changed from the clan match lobby
  • Added invite/invitee opponent pop up for clan matches
Problem: At the highest skill levels, players find that cover does not provide sufficient benefits, which reduces the overall viability of cover for veteran players.
Solution: Improve the general performance of weapons in cover and further differentiate between being in and out of cover.
Cover accuracy improvements 
  • Reversed changes made in the 5th Closed Beta build
  • Tightened max spread of weapons aimed down sights while in cover/prone for all weapon classes except SG
  • Increased max spread of weapons aimed down sights while out in the open for all weapon classes except SG
Improving LMG cover performance while fixing snap shooting 
  • Improved short burst accuracy for the mid and long barreled LMGs
  • Increased LMG min bloom when in hip fire, while preserving accuracy of the weapon when aimed. This change is the same as the one done previously for the ARs which primarily affects snap-shooting players and players who do not aim down sights.
Improved peek-over cover
  • When you peek over and look down over half-height cover, in ironsights, you now have more side-to-side weapon range  (formerly, you could do this but only from 3rd-person view, which made it awkward to do for most players)
Problem: Our design intention was to ensure that no weapon should have a ready time under 0.2 seconds, which in gameplay terms is instantaneous and matches the ready time of handguns. Some weapons have ready times of under 0.2 seconds (as low as 0.08 secs for the PM5 350), which is problematic and encourages shooting on the go.
Solution: Fixed all weapons that have ready times under 0.2 seconds. The net effect of these changes narrows the gap between ready times of CQC and SV guns, while the ready time ceiling of most guns has not been raised.
Increased ready times for the following weapon classes:
  • Submachine Guns: +0.2 sec
  • Assault Rifles: +0.1 sec
  • Shotguns: +0.3 sec
  • Light Machineguns: +0.1 sec
  • Sniper rifles: +0.1 sec
  • Vertical grip ready time increased from -0.2 sec to -0.1 sec
  • Stocks ready time reduced from +0.2 sec to +0.1 sec
Problem: The uncertainty of aimed-shot placement in sniper rifles and slow recovery times, has proven to be frustrating for snipers. Shot camping, where a sniper camps the reticle over where the target will pop up, has made counter-sniping a frustrating experience as it does not require much skill. Moreover, there was insufficient differentiation between bolt-action and semi-automatic sniper rifles.
Solution: There are numerous changes that had to be made to effect the changes as required:
Changes to general performance:
  • Increased base scope sway on sniper rifles while reducing max sway
  • Improved bolt action sniper accuracy to pinpoint levels, allowing for very precise sniping (sway counterbalances this, making it more challenging to camp a reticle where an enemy will peek out, making skilled counter-sniping easier)
  • Increased spread recovery rates by 20% for sniper rifles, for quicker target acquisition. This is to bring the sniper rifles up slightly to bring them in line with the other weapon classes which have spread recovery
  • Semi-automatic sniper rifles have a much lower shot to shot time than bolt actions by reducing spread increase per shot, allowing for accurate follow up shots on nearer targets
  • Semi snipers have increased min sway and reduced max sway to make them better guns to use on the go
  • Damage falloff, damage and accuracy are downgraded so bolt actions still rule the long range arena. However, semi-automatic sniper rifles are still more accurate than assault rifles or LMGs
This change primarily affects the sniper rifles. Set up sway values for all attachments. Most large components now affect sway. The longer the attachment, the more sway it generates.
  • Long barrels: Moderately increased sway
  • Medium barrels: Slightly increased sway
  • Silencers: Slightly increased sway
  • Fixed/extended stocks: Reduced sway
  • Bipods: Increased sway out of cover/prone, reduced sway when in cover/prone
  • Vertical grips: Reduced sway out of cover, increased sway when in cover/prone
  • Sniper rifles: Greatly increased sway out of cover, applied significant cover reduction to sway
Problem: Short-barreled weapons were excessively effective at a long range and thus were too similar to the SV variants. Meaningful performance differences were intended to exist by design between variants such that each variant has its own niche, which presented an overlap issue.
Solution: Instead of an outright change to damage and/or accuracy, which would generally reduce the effectiveness for the gun in all situations, the damage falloff was subtly exaggerated for the CQC guns so that they have reduced effectiveness over longer distances.
The effective range of barrels decreases with barrel length: Short barrels have higher damage falloff than longer barrels, so that the long variants have their long-range edge.
  • Short barrels: Moderate damage falloff
  • Medium barrels: Slight damage falloff
  • Long barrels: Minimal damage falloff
Problem: Reticle return rates on short and medium barrels posed problems where the shorter weapons were more effective burst shooters than longer guns.
Solution: Standardized reticle-return rates across barrels, while keeping the short-barrel return rate constant.  Medium barreled weapons have slightly improved spread-recovery rates, while long barrels have moderate improvements to spread recovery.
Problem: Critical hits were reported to occur excessively at the higher proficiencies, which makes players especially effective in run and gun situations. The most affected weapons are the handguns and submachineguns. The design intention of the critical-hit system is to reward careful shooting, whereby a higher critical rate is associated with a settled spread. Changes needed to be made in order to nudge critical rates in that direction.
Solution: Reduced critical hits on the go to a minimum, while keeping max critical hits the same as they’re currently set. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of running and gunning, while continuing to reward carefully aimed shots. Max critical hits for shotguns were reduced from 18 to 15.
  • Set all min crits to 0 or 1
    • SMG, AR, HG: Min crit 1
    • LMG, SR: Min crit 0
    • SG: Min crit untouched
  • Reduced handgun reticle-return rates (correcting the return-rate problem where cover is so high that handguns cannot ever reach min crit. This contributed to the perception of excessive handgun crits)
  • To compensate for the significant power decrease and encourage finesse use of SMG, the following changes were made:
    • Reduced SMG sway to be more in line with the AR (SMG previously had a higher sway than was optimal, reducing SMG accuracy)
    • SMG max bloom reduced, representing a higher accuracy when aiming down sights.
    • SMG headshot damage multiplier increased from 1.5x to 1.7x
Problem: The key complaints against impact-fuse grenades were that players would „run and bomb“ by running around with a grenade, throwing it at the feet of an enemy in the open to shake them (or possibly get an instant kill) and then drawing the primary weapon to fire while the enemy is recovering.
Moreover, players have complained that they did not have an opportunity to react to an impact grenade while in cover, which made it feel unfair.
Solution: Impact grenades are designed to detonate on a short timer after hitting the ground. This fuse time has been extended by 0.7 seconds to a new fuse time of 1.2 seconds, in order to eliminate the problem of „run and bomb,“ while keeping the other key attributes constant. The net result is that impact-fuse grenades will sit around just long enough for a player to react and eliminate the problem of „run and bomb“.
Problem: The grenade throwing distance is considerable, allowing accurate placement of grenades up to 40m with a straight throw. A high throw (where a player has to aim upwards so they cannot see the enemy) can reach over 60m, which leads to long range which annoys players and is considered grenade spam.
Solution: Throwing distance has been reduced by approximately 30%, so that a straight throw can reach just over 30m, while a high-throw reaches over 40m – this limits the range of aimed grenade throws and limits the effective range of grenades.
Problem: At the high levels of gameplay, there are concerns regarding the effectiveness of stacked armor inserts. Armor inserts are more widely used now due to the price restructuring and were previously improved because of low adoption, but this problem presents a strong case for reversion of that change.
Solution: The following changes were implemented:
  • Reduced max health from +10 to +5
  • Reduced max toughness from 1.5 to 1
  • Reduced max crit reduction from 5 to 4
  • Disabled critical hits on forearms and calves
  • Set upper arms and thighs damage multiplier to 0.8 for all weapons except shotguns. Shotguns were not included in this change because shotgun spreads are fixed. Shotgun-wielding players can only aim for a center-mass shot by getting closer to their target, which further reduces the effective range of shotguns
  • Slightly reduced MP9 recoil, slightly increased MP9 ready time
  • Polished a number of post-match sounds
  • Added a distinct audio feedback for enemy and friendly Blitz activation
  • Added a distinct audio feedback for enemy cloaking and de-cloaking
  • Added a premature blast feedback to Blackout when it is activated before it reaches full charge
  • Added new audio effects and detuning system  to close-proximity grenade explosions
  • Improved and optimized the loading and performance of sound data
  • Streamlined buffering systems of all audio data and streamed resources
  • Fixed issue where player was able to immediately move around for a few seconds after being knocked off from a certain height by enemy’s Blitz
  • Fixed an issue where the character would automatically take cover when moving the camera, after being knocked out of cover by the Blitz ability
  • Attaching an extended magazine on any M27 assault rifle variant now causes the ammo pool to increase
  • Specialist (without armor) can no longer survive the fall from the bridge on Korolyov Towers
  • Sounds are no longer muted after user presses push to talk when match is ending
  • Fixed issue where user could not activate Blitz when in cover at a specific point in Sub-Pen
  • Fixed missing shadow bug that occurs when player moves around certain area of a map
  • Fixed flickering texture when looking through scope

0.11.0 – nakouknutí

otherMalá ochutnávka z připravovaného patche je zde. Novinek je požehnaně, dobře UBI, tak neváhejte a koukněte na officiální video.


otherAby těch novinek nebylo málo, přinášíme info o zajímavém (i když popravdě naprosto hloupém) projektu TOPOS. Nyní budeme mít dle vývojářů možnost ovlivňovat vývoj Ghost Recon Online s projektem: Topos Beta Mapa testování. Zahrajte si prototyp mapy se svými přáteli a pomozte nám ji vylepšit pomocí svého názoru.

Beta mapy musí být vybrány z mapovém listu při tvorbě Clan War, vyžaduje abyste byli alespoň na úrovni 10 a byli součástí klanu. Tím je zajištěno, že hráči mohou vybrat a hrát aktivně prototyp mapy.

Zde je návod:

1. Zvolte mód Clan match



2. Standardním způsobem jako při klasickém Clan Matchi


3. Zde již jen vyberete beta mapu a můžete hrát



Vývojáři mají pravděpodobně plné ruce práce s optimalizací hry, tak se budou snažit kus té rutinní práce přenést na nás. Skvělé, že ?

Patch 0.11.0 – preview

eventSvětlo světa spatřil popis novinek v chystaném patch 0.11.0. Věřte, že je toho opravdu hodně a nemá smysl vše překládat. Proto jsme pro Vás připravili vše podstatné co nám zpříjemní, možná také ne, hru.


Zlepšení krytí

celkově změněno míření z krytu, snad k lepšímu.


Standardizace Ready time u zbraní

zde se na chvíli zastavíme a povíme si, co z toho pro nás vyplývá.

  •  Zvýšen ready time pro následující třídy zbraní:
    • Submachine Guns: +0.2 sec
    • Assault Rifles: +0.1 sec
    • Shotguns: +0.3 sec
    • Light Machineguns: +0.1 sec
    • Sniper rifles: +0.1 sec
  • Vertical grip ready time zvýšen z -0.2 sec na -0.1 sec
  • Stocks ready time snížen z +0.2 sec na +0.1 sec


Zlepšováky s Recon classou

Zde se mění „sway“ což je pohyb zbraně, když míříte. Obecně však bude platit, že pokud budete mít delší hlavně, bude se Vám zbraně více houpat.

  • Long barrels: Středně zvýšeno houpání
  • Medium barrels: Nepatrně zvýšeno houpání
  • Silencers: Nepatrně zvýšeno houpání
  • Fixed/extended stocks: Sníženo houpání
  • Bipods: Zvýšno pokud nejste v krytu/pokleku, sníženo pokud jste v krytu/pokleku
  • Vertical grips: Sníženo mimo krytí, zvýšeno v krytu/pokleku
  • Sniper rifles: Významně zvýšeno pokud nejste v krytu, naopak v krytu výrazně sníženo


Změna efektivní vzdálenosti zbraní


Vybalancování Critical hitů

  •  Všechny minimálni CH nastaven na 0 nebo 1
    • SMG, AR, HG: Min crit. 1
    • LMG, SR: Min crit. 0
    • SG: Min crit. nezměněno
  • Změna houpání u SMG aby bylo podobné jako u AR
  • Maximální bloom u SMG sníže, zvášena přesnost při míření dolní částí mířidla
  • SMG headshot damage násobič zvýšen z 1,5x na 1,7x


Oprava u Impact granatů


Snížena vzdálenost hodu granátu

Nyní si hodíte granátem pouze 30m spodem a 40 metrů vrchem – změna cca 30% oprati původním hodnostám.


Snížena efektivita  insertů (frček) do vesty

  • Sníženo maximální health z +10 na +5
  • Sníženo maximální toughness z 1,5 na 1
  • Snížena maximální redukce crit. hitů z 5 na 4


Ostatní opravy

  • Vypnut critical hity na předloktí a lýtkách
  • Nastaven násobek damage u paží a stehen na 0,8 pro všechny zbraně, kromě brokovnic
  • Nepatrně snížen recoil u MP9
  • Nepatrně zvýšen ready time u MP9


To by bylo zhruba to nejpodstatnější u nadcházejícho patche. Kdy by měl patch přijít není zatím jasné, ale odhadujeme to na 2-3 týdny od ohlášení.

Tak co? Líbí se Vám změny? Podělte se s námi o své názoru zde na fóru.